Tejas Khoday

Co-founder & CEO

At age 16, Tejas was hooked to the stock markets when he accidentally stumbled upon it on television. Since then, he has been passionate about markets, professional trading, investing and decoding the inside world of finance. At the age of 18 he started trading and after experiencing the complacency of traditional brokerages in India, he embarked upon a journey to solve the problems faced by traders and investors. In 2015, FYERS was formed as a crusade to change the way stock investments are made in the country and as a technology-focused brokerage firm, the goal is to transform the trading/investment landscape for everyone.

Apart from trading and investing, Tejas loves playing chess and he is active on Social Media interacting with the customers; he discusses various regulatory issues and shares useful information on markets. He is also regularly seen in various print and online media like The Economic Time, Business Standard, Money Control and more providing his valuable inputs.

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